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Friends of Arts and Music Enrichment GC (FAME GC) awards scholarships in the name and honor of four legendary GCHS teachers who inspired students' creativity, self-awareness, and self-growth by challenging them to expand their comfort zones. These teachers encouraged students to work hard independently and also to be compassionate team players helping others and contributing to the GCHS community at large.  FAME GC is recognizing students who stand out among peers in light of the lessons and passions of these special teachers.



Sally A. Zwiebach Scholarship

(Literature & Language Arts)


Sally Zwiebach taught students not just to read the words of great literature, but also to experience the importance of understanding the historical, emotional, and literary context of the works she brought to life in the classroom and onstage.  This scholarship recognizes a student who exemplifies Mrs. Zwiebach’s lessons to dig deep into literature, think outside the box, and apply the power of language in the outside world.  





Albert V. (“AJ”) Johnson Memorial Scholarship

(Visual Arts)


Albert Johnson (“AJ”) inspired students to express themselves through visual arts. He taught fundamental elements of drawing and painting, as well as more involved techniques, and most importantly he gave students the space, encouragement, and respect to tapping into their artistic creativity. A GCHS graduate himself, AJ taught for more than 30 years, inspiring many artists, teachers, and athletes.  He shared his passion for teaching and great humor with generations of GCHS students, encouraging them to find and express their best selves.



Thom Ruckert Memorial Scholarship



Thomas L. Ruckert (“Thom”) created the groundbreaking, student-operated GCTV, the Glen Cove School District Television Studio at GCHS, and revolutionized how the classroom worked.  This scholarship is for a student who has demonstrated outstanding performance and dedication working with GCTV and has positively contributed to the GCHS community via work with GCTV.





Dale Alan Zurbrick Memorial Scholarship

(Music & Theater Arts)


Dale Zurbrick (“Z”) directed and produced internationally recognized theater and choral productions with GCHS students. This scholarship is for a student who has demonstrated extraordinary personal growth, courage and commitment through theater or choral productions while showing respect and consideration for all members of the production.

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